Feeling Light!


If I were to ever take my own words seriously then this would be the moment. The title says exactly what I mean. Quite literally. You know the feeling when you look at the mirror and wish you’d rather see a lighter version of yourself than oodles of pounds at the wrong places. That was my motivation. I’ve never been a skinny girl. Even growing up, I always had weight issues but fortunate enough to have missed being overweight. Infact, it was my stay at the hostel for 5 years which reduced my weight drastically. I guess the hostel has that “weight loss” charm to it.

They say in this world there are two kinds of people. One, who eat everything with no or almost negligible workout and still manage to look like super models. And then there are the rest who can easily gain a pound by simply breathing. And it’s no guess work that I belong to the latter group. I have had an array of friends who told me I need not worry about my weight post pregnancy as I’d shed it all and then some. But guess what, here I was still struggling. It’s the day my weighing scale tipped me off back to my pregnancy weight; I knew I had to take matter in my own hands. It came as a very rude awakening and I knew I could only blame myself for being here. I was never overweight and here I was staring at myself looking like a wrestler winning a heavyweight championship. The only difference that I was neither elated nor proud. It is in this moment I realized I’d been a fool to think that weight would shed naturally. It’s all a “moment’s” game. All it takes is that one moment and when it hits you then nothing else matters. You give in to that strong, over powering feeling not because you know you want to but because you know this’d be an experience. For better or worse. You know there’d be learning.

And thus began my weight loss journey. And I’m proud to be 30 pounds lighter in 6 months. It’s just peanuts as compared to people who shed more than 60 pounds but it’s an accomplishment none the less. And I know I’ve worked so very hard for it. My respect for people who lose weight has increased by leaps and bounds. And I’m tad close to my goal that I am overcome by overwhelming emotion of excitement, anxiety and eagerness to reach it faster and sooner than later. And surprisingly I’m making more mistakes and cheating more often than I did even a month back. They say it’s always the last 10 pounds that spoil your rhythm. It’s these last 10 pounds which are testing my patience and making me restless. The scale seemed to have stuck. I have worked meticulously for these months and now I feel being stuck here isn’t helping my morale. But I guess the name of the game is to keep going forward with the goal in your head and in front of your eyes. And I shall not stop until I hit my goal. So good luck to me on that.


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