The weekend that was!


Life has a funny way of playing jokes with you at your expense but even in those times if there remains any sanity and bonhomie, it’s thanks to your family and friends who still make you feel wanted and loved and cared for. If there’s anyone who can make your world all about fun and no worries and anxiety then it has to be your close friends. They truly understand your temperament and are far away from judging you or exchange niceties when you aren’t in the mood. Life’s best kept treasures are these friendships where there’s utmost trust and faith in one another to speak your mind and be free. And such was my weekend filled with enormous warmth and love that could melt even the snowiest of mountains.

I have known her for 15 years and it’s only when she came here, we realized we could’ve organized better to celebrate the reunion. But then we both laughed immediately at the passing thought because it gives us another reason to meet in the near future. Other than our incessant banter that continued through the night for the past 2 nights, I did take the time out to take her sight-seeing and shopping. And boy, she can shop and how. I only wish she could’ve stayed longer. But of course, there’s always a next time to catch up on all that we missed this time.


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