Jab Tak Hai Jaan!


Picture this: Shah Rukh Khan riding a bike, sporting a scruffy look and wearing the Army uniform. And then there’s the poetry playing in the background in his voice. Of course, how can I forget the backdrop of Ladakh. Need I say more? Well, I just described one of the opening scenes of the movie. If you are a hard core SRK fan then this means something. Needless to say, I am one of those many countless fans around the globe.

The plot of the movie is pretty convoluted and hard to digest. Somehow is far from reality and even movies these days usually refrain from such representations where audience is meant to believe something as ludicrous as this. And the second half of the movie is a tad long. Clearly, there’s a huge disconnect. But having said all that, it is SRK that carries off the movie on his shoulders single handedly. There’s nobody who romances like him. And even though he has acted in this genre after a long break, it is here that he belongs. Indeed. He still has that old school boyish charm and charisma which melts your heart. Even when he isn’t talking it is his eyes that speak to you. Loud and clear. The high point of the movie other than SRK is this musical dance off that they off right before they break into one of those songs. It is a nice peppy beat to dance on but my only grudge is that wish they had choreographed it well. The beats and the steps were a huge mismatch for Katrina & SRK. Something was definitely amiss.

This movie plays like a sequel to Veer Zara and as if they realized wasting 22 years of life for lost love (Veer Zara) was a stretch so they shortened it to 10 years. Anushka is surprisingly a breath of fresh air with her upbeat and zealous spirit and outstanding dialogue delivery. The music definitely doesn’t feel like A.R. Rahman’s and the feel of the movie isn’t a typical Yash Chopra signature as well. Like I said if this movie works it is because of SRK and his acting acumen.

And other than SRK if there’s something else that resonates with you long after the movie is over, it is the song “Heer”. So poetic and such beautiful lyrics that I still haven’t stopped listening to it one week since.


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