Daily Prompt: Take It From Me!


If anything, I’m a Queen when it comes to giving advice but it sure does happen that I don’t quiet follow what I say at times. And Daily Prompt threw just the right question for me to write upon:

“What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?”


My best advice I’ve failed innumerable times: “Free yourself from expectations!”

“Practice what you preach” is such a cliched and overly abused adage but still the only one that holds more value than the rest. And while I’d love to be the one who leads by example, often times, I’m caught in the middle. I’m not sure why but I’ve always had people open up to me caviling about their life and the ups and downs of their numerous relationships. I’ve always lamented them for leading their lives so full of expectations, be it from their job, relationship or even life itself. The act of introspection arises when every time I am asked the question how do I live my life without expectations?

It’s easier said than done to not have expectations at all and base your whole life in just giving without expecting anything in return. The truth is it isn’t easy to do this and one has to be at peace with oneself at all times to experience it. And while I do consider it is the best advice anyone can give you to live a life free of inhibitions and intimidation, I haven’t perfected the art myself. Sometimes, you know the right thing to do which demands no expectation and still you expect in return. It is only human.

Life teaches us many lessons as we all try to explore ourselves while discovering our true purpose of being here. The thing is to be able to free oneself from the unwanted baggage that we carry along; we should be able to see the bigger picture. It isn’t what others do that should reflect our next actions instead it is what we do, irrespective of the others’ actions, define us. And the only way to do this is when you are able to give and not be worried about anything in return. You cannot base your actions with the question in mind “What’s in it for me?” Be it a relationship you share with your spouse, friends, family, peers or your professional life in general.

It is when you walk, talk, read, write, feel for yourself, and not how it would be perceived and whether you’d achieve what you are aiming for is when you liberate your soul and experience the ultimate happiness.

Lord Krishna in The Holy Geeta has said:-

“Karm karte jaa; phal ki chinta mat kar.”

(Do what you ought to do without thinking or expecting the results.)

And as good as it sounds on paper, it is indeed difficult to live your life fully without expectations and that’s where I fail myself at times. I’m still learning to be at peace only with myself first over and above anything else but at end of the day it appears I’m just a mere mortal after all.

*Pic is from the net.

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  1. Absolutely! lord Krishna is my rockstar too and hey, to err is after all so human, to correct ourselves after we’ve erred is all that matters. :)
    I believe in trying out new mistakes & I ensure I never repeat them after trying them out! ;)

    • True that, girl. And you are back, and how! :-) It can only be you who comes at my space and it rains likes & comments! :-) That’s why I called you my rockstar!. Hope your exams over and done with? Come back soon and grace us, lesser mortals, with your sunshine! :)

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