Daily Prompt: Audience of One!


Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Daily Prompt has popped a question for me and although it was a tough decision to choose between Santa Claus and my 2.5 year old daughter, it’s the latter who won in a heartbeat. And I do know she cannot read any of this now but I hope someday she does and until then I’ll keep modifying it! :-)

My dearest Ladybug,

They say life is a journey and in this journey comes along people that change you and your life dramatically. Of course for good. For you I’d say, although you came along in my life but I’m proud I played a teeny role in creating you. You are the God’s gift that I’d always be thankful for. The day you were born everyone was ecstatic and welcomed you with open arms. Suddenly we had this over burst of energy and happiness that knew no bounds and holding you in my arms made me realize what it feels like to be a mother. In these past 2.5 years, we’ve both learnt and grown so much together.

It is so true when they say that you get a second chance on your childhood through your kid. I’m beginning to see a new world through your eyes and deriving pleasure from activities that I had long forgotten. You teach me every day what unconditional love truly means. You are at such a tender age and already turning out to be independent in making your choices. Like the other day when I was taking out the clothes for you to wear, you were so upset and ended up deciding what you’d want to wear. As years go by, I know I may not agree with you and your choices all the times, especially during your teens, but know this that I’d always have your best interest in mind.

Trust me when I say not everything is hunky-dory all the time. There are days when you are extremely difficult to handle and throw tantrums and our bond is tested but we sail through and come around as strong as ever. I can only hope and wish that as you grow up and I grow with you, the relationship blossoms into friendship than just a mother and daughter. Even if you experience an iota of pleasure in our relationship as I share with my mother, I’d be content that I raised you well.  I hope you get to feel the bliss of closeness and openness that can be there in a mother-daughter relationship.

Today while I was writing this post, I stumbled upon these beautiful lines which sum up my emotions for you so aptly. :-

“If the sun had a daughter and if he was to give his little girl away in marriage to a guy and send her off to a new family, he would know what darkness is!”

Such is my love for you and may you always know this in your heart that behind all the differences, fights, disagreements (big or small) we’ll have, there is a heart that beats for you the strongest.

Your strongest supporter ever,



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  2. That was beautiful. My daughter, now 27 years old, and I have a strong bond that continues to strengthen as the years go by. I’ve always loved her, but now, we’re bff’s too. :) I pray the Lord continues to bless your relationship with your daughter and strengthens those bonds as well. :)

    • Thanks for your blessings.. It sure is a wonderful bond and if you can be close then you really don’t miss friends much! :-) May you too always have the special loving bond with your daughter. :-)

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