Picture it & Write!



Story 1: Move on!

She sat there bemused, staring at all these pills lying on the table and wondered if she even knew him. Her eyes still moist from his funeral, this morning, she attended. She was his wife but now felt as if she lived with a stranger all these years, knowing nothing about him. The doctors told her he died of overdose of a concoction of all these pills. Why would he kill himself and leave so many questions unanswered was beyond her understanding. She wondered if their life together was all a façade to hide his inner turmoil. She felt duped. The man she thought she knew would fight his demons and not let them overpower. He failed to confide in her and left her alone to pick up the pieces. She was irate, depressed, helpless and confused all at the same time.

She knew she had to let go and move on but didn’t know how.


Story 2: The Choice!

I sat still, unable to move, staring at all these pills the doctors prescribed to keep me alive for another few months. I realized I had been feeling more fatigued by these supplementary pills added to boost my immune system. They were doing more harm than good. I had a choice to make and the time was now. I could either suffocate staying indoors without letting the cool breeze blow my hair up in the air and the sun shine so strong on me that I look elsewhere or I could live my life, simply doing the things I always wanted to do but for lack of time. It didn’t take much effort or time to choose the latter to free myself of fear and insecurities and let nature take its course.

A new world awaits me and I knew now I am equally eager to embrace it with open arms.


* This post is inspired by the picture Ermiliablog has put for this week’s Picture it & Write.


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  1. Sometime, life takes what really mean to us for no reason and leave us with a hole inside. When I was a child, it happened. An accident brought my grandma away…I thought it also took my happiness…One day, I realize that just let it be and live a new life with open arms:)

    • Sorry to hear about your grandma but yeah to learn and to keep moving on without feeling the hurt and anguish is the only way forward. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :-)

  2. Sometimes I get more than one story out of these, but I’ve never actually written two. …an occasional supplementary limerick. I like the one struggling with the surprise overdose. It seems to fit the picture very well.

    • This is my first time writing two. I usually don’t follow two separate ideas but somehow this one just happened. The first one is my favorite too especially because there’s a lot to play around with and so much up to the readers to take it in which ever direction they want. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I love reading how different stories arise from different people for Picture it & write, and it’s also great to read that you came up with two! I think this is the first post that battled two in one go. Great work! Thanks for contributing this week, MuZer!

    – Ermisenda

    • It just so happened that two conflicting thoughts wanted their own story so I had to! :-) Am glad you liked it, thanks for dropping by, Ermisenda.. Appreciate your thoughts! :-)

  4. This piece really made my heart ache… it bought back flooding memories of my friend whom I lost to suicide. They leave their loved ones behind with so many questions & in an eternal state of unrest. I guess you most definitely know how this feels… very powerfully written, as ever! :)

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