The white-bearded man & the tree!



I simply love this time of the year. It’s all about hope, joy, peace, love, sharing, giving and above all, being grateful. December gives me more than one reason to be over the moon. As the year approaches an end one can reflect upon their journey this past 12 months and look forward to the New Year which holds nothing but new promises and belief. I love going to malls especially now because you are only greeted with people, brimming with mirth and high on holiday spirit. There’s this hustle bustle all around as everyone is trying to finish shopping for their loved ones. Huge Christmas trees adorn the stores to allure all these gleeful souls and the only music your ears hear are the carols. It’s around this time that even the radio starts playing these melodious Christmas songs and jingles to create the festive aura. TV doesn’t stay far behind either and joins the festivity spirit with their Christmas movies marathon. It’s all so Christmassy, if I can say that.

But most importantly for me, it is also the season where the white-bearded man with a potbelly cheering Ho Ho Ho mystically appears at our homes filling it with gifts. While the kid in me believes in Santa Claus and wants to have fun doing everything possible to make him feel welcome, the adult in me tries hard to reason with my very own logic. But since kids are God-like and their innocence is infectious, so I let my kiddie thoughts ambush any other adult reasoning and override it at least for this month. All I know is if there’s something that gives you true happiness then follow it through with a pure heart.

I do know it’s a tad early but I still went ahead and set up my Christmas tree nonetheless. Who knows, Santa might just decide to greet our home earlier than late just because. Although I’m still to buy Christmas stockings to hang them over the fireplace mantel and of course the gifts would only appear dramatically on the Christmas Eve.

The point of the matter is I love Christmas because it gives me a chance to decorate the Xmas tree and embellish it with the gorgeous ornaments and lights. I love the fact that I can look forward to the portly, joyous man who brings only laughter and expects nothing but love. I love that I can devour those lip-smacking Xmas cakes and not be guilt-ridden. At least, not now. The only thing I don’t like is the weather. Cold winds and the rains put a damper on my celebratory spirit. But it is not about me, it’s about Santa and his reindeers flying him around on the sleigh. And I think he loves it.

Ah! It is all so whimsical, magical and fun. And I love that over and above anything else.



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