Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn!



Daily Post took me down the memory lane today.

“Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.”

When I was in school, I always stood out from the rest. Unfortunately for my parents, it had nothing to do with my grey cells, as much with my height. It disheartened me because I never liked getting any undue attention.

I was a prankster and notoriety was my middle name. And even though I used to be a back bencher I still was pretty noticeable, which only landed me in much trouble with my teachers. I changed school almost every two years, luckily not because of my mischievous behavior but because of father’s postings. And every time I hoped not to be the tallest girl in my class. It remained one of those many unfulfilled dreams in school. Sigh.

Fast forward to present time, I live a life of extreme contradiction where I am so comfortable with my height that I flaunt it with high heels. I couldn’t be gladder that it makes me look tall and stand out. Such is my affair with heels today that I can write a post about it.

I guess I got accustomed to being tall and made peace with it. I don’t remember much of that gradual transformation though. I think I caved because I realized that I could either accept it or grudge it but can’t leave it.

Now when I look back, I only laugh at myself for being so immature and silly. Reminisce and tell me about one anecdote from your past which makes you laugh so hard today?

* Pic is from the net.

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  1. Alas – woe is me! I’m only 5’1″, and it was always my dream to reach great heights… I longed to be the one who could reach into the highest cabinets and shoot baskets… I yearned for others to have to run to match my strides, but such was not to be. I only reached the height of 5’1″, and then I was informed that as I get older, by some cruel twist of fate, I will shrink – not in my girth, but in my height! Ahhhhh! Such is life. ;)

    • Awww.. Well, if it makes you feel any better.. All good things come in small packages! :-) And plus, you can wear high heels and not be stared at.. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! :-)

  2. LOL! i would definitely not feature in the ‘tall’ category either, but that worked to my advantage! like you said, who better to flaunt the high heels & walk that gracious peahen walk! ;) :P
    oh btw, i absolutely loved your blog’s new theme :) see you soon…

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  5. Oh, I can relate. In 3rd grade a girl was my best friend because we were the two tallest in the class since first grade. Friendship by awkwardness. Then in fourth grade she stopped growing at 5’3″ and I kept growing. Another 6″ before I stopped, and I so envied that she was petite.
    It wasn’t until our 10th h.s. reunion that she told me she was angry because she wanted to be tall.
    So you never know. We are what we are.

    • I’ve been there too.. Wanting to be short as my friends and they wishing to be a couple more inches tall. I guess grass is always greener on the other side.
      And I finally hit a full stop at 5’9″ too! :-)

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