For The Love Of Haiku 14!



Winter Iciness

Snowstorm brewing on the hills

The view entrancing


I read KZ‘s beautiful Haiku post which led me to the challenge being posted by Allaboutlemon. So here’s my entry for the Haiku challenge. It’s my first time trying a Haiku so I maybe a bit off. Oh! well, I tried! :-)


* Pic from the net.


* Edit: I didn’t realize that the challenge was for a specific pic so here’s the pic for the challenge and the Haiku. Didn’t turn out as well, I know :!


Hey! Polar Bear

Superman here to rescue

You need not worry


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  1. great haiku! ^^ maybe you’d consider joining the haiku challenges as well..create a haiku out of the given photo for the week by Allaboutlemon ^^ it’s really fun

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