Daily Prompt: Time Capsule!



Today’s Daily Prompt inspired this post.

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?


We bought our first home last year in November. By the time we settled in and unpacked our bags we rang in the New Year, 2012. So this year I wanted to make it special with all our first celebrations in this home. Our birthdays, anniversary and all the other festivities and celebrations that came during the year. Those are the moments I’d like to capture in the 2012 time capsule.

Also, I’m doing something I don’t know if I’ll see it through the end but it sounded exciting at the time so started it. I am creating a time capsule box for my daughter which she’ll get at her 16th birthday. It will have something from all of her 15 birthdays. Considering the first year is all about baby’s “firsts’ it has pics of when she rolled, sat, crawled, walked, ate the solid food for the first time, her first time in the water. As a parent, it’s exciting to see the baby get past those milestones and I want to see them with her when she’s all grown up. I had gone crazy with decorations on her first birthday like any other mom so kept few of them aside including the birthday candle in that box. Needless to say, I kept some from the second as well. It also has a poem her grandfather and I wrote for her 1st birthday. I ended up writing another one on her second as well. The box also has few of my favorite pics of her special day and her birthday dresses of course. And only recently her art work has also started going inside the box. Not all but some of my favorite ones. She’s only 2.5 right now and I’m not sure if I’ll have the same excitement on her 10th birthday or later but I’m hoping to make it through 16 birthdays and relive all these moments once again when we open the box. Well, for now that’s the idea! :-)


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  2. WOW that’s an amazing thing to do for your kid. We don’t have any kids yet but keep memories from all our vacations together. And i kept my bridal bouquet, too ;)

    • Wow.. that’s amazing to keep the wedding bouquet! It’s nice to have memories from the trips because after a few years when you see them again you’ll relive those moments.. Thanks for being here. :-)

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