Your Story: House!


Ohio Christmas

I stumbled upon Sethsnap’s Your Story: House story challenge after reading KZ’s beautiful interpretation of the pic. Here’s what I came up with! :-)

Standing here on a chilly, cloudy day so close to this home brings back memories. I spent 15 years of my life in this home, growing up. Celebrating our happy moments and sharing our sorrows. Those early years I spent peeking through the windows at the ongoing traffic and people are etched in my heart forever. This home meant much more than a four walled building structure on a corner street. It was even more special to my parents because it was the first home they designed and built together. What stands today are the remnants of our home we brought to life as a family. The walls that look worn out today had once the red color which made the neighbors envious. I remember distinctly my parents were famous for throwing the most amazing Christmas parties in the neighborhood year after year with the same gusto and needless to say we won the best decorated home for the holidays, for years consecutively. The evergreen tree which was the landmark for our home today stands so desolated. Due to unfortunate turn of events and bad economy, we had lost our haven to foreclosure. I have blurry memories of any home we lived in after that because mom dad never really could come to terms with losing this one. They fought really hard to get it back but in vain. It took me twenty long years to come back here and buy this home in an auction. And as fate would have it, I have the home today but my parents are gone forever. So I stand here with a void in my heart and a bittersweet feeling.

But I knew this had to be done for them. It was my way of paying homage for making me the person I am today and giving me a life so beautiful. I held my husband’s hand and took the first step towards the home from across the street. I was smiling teary eyed because I knew I was home again. On a bright Christmas day.


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