The Lie!



“You are so late.” She snapped, opening the door.

“Sorry, honey. The freeway was all backed up because of an accident.”

“Oh! Really. The last time I checked online there were no reports of any accidents. In fact, I called up the office an hour back to remind you to leave early and they told me you’d already left for the day.”

His phone rings.

“Is she the reason for you being late?”

“Does it matter? Where did we have to go anyway?” He retorted.

“Well! Happy anniversary to you too!”

She walks out, closing the door. His phone beeps.


*  I’m learning to write fiction in 100 words. Would love feedback, does this make sense?

*  Pic is from the net.


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  1. This is great. Taut, tense, to the point, and prose-y.

    You let me as your reader react without telling me what to feel; and showed me your characters feelings without telling me what they felt – you showed us through their words and actions. Great stuff all within 100 words.

    Congratulations – no need for any insecurity here – as far as I’m concerned. I liked it.


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