Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures!


The prompt for this week is about 2012 in pics. While there was traveling and hiking and star-gazing and doing absolutely nothing there are a few pics I’d love to post. Not necessarily they round off my year in 2012 but they’ve been a fun part.

Like the visit to the zoo, where I absolutely fell in love with this Giraffe.


We came up and close with the tiger there too.


Going to Las Vegas is like a routine every year but this time around for the first time we went to Flamingo Casino and spotted these beautiful Flamingos in their garden.


The side view of the strip from the Hotel we were staying in Las Vegas.


And of course since we live in Bay Area so going to San Francisco now and then is like a normal thing to do. And every time you go to Golden Gate Bridge you get a different shot altogether.


We were also in Dubai for a night transiting while on our way back to US after the vacation and got a chance to shoot the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.



Wrapped up the year, witnessing the beautiful sunset and pristine snow.




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