Travel Theme: Multiples!


Ailsa has posted “Multiples” as the theme for this week’s travel photos and have seen such an amazing collection posted by others. Here’s my selection. Although they are multiples of the same object but not necessarily fill the frame but I had so much finding these pics from various albums that I’m posting them anyways! :-)

1. This is the ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel lobby in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Decor

2. Now this shot captures a lot of multiples – People, Christmas trees, Lights and ofcourse that beautiful decor on the ceiling.

Bellagio Lobby

3. Ornaments dangling from the roof in one of the hotels.


4. What are the odds that you have all these Zebras looking straight into the camera for a shot?


5. I like how some of these Flamingos manage to stand on just one leg and balance themselves quite well.


6. The snow. The trees. And the lights. Had to capture this view.

Trees and lights

 7. These windmills and many more are very close to our home and almost every time I capture them. And they always end up being a very different shot.


8. Flower beds.



9. San Francisco snapshot as seen from Golden Gate Bridge.

SFO downtown

10. And last but not the least, one of the side views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas buildings

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics as much as I enjoyed posting them! Thanks, Ailsa for this fabulous theme that allowed me to get into my past albums. :-)


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  1. The glass sculptures on the ceiling of Bellagio is one unforgettable work of Art. We had a reunion several years ago in Las Vegas and it was a lot of fun. Great pictures! An exciting way to start 2013!

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