Carpe Diem Haiku!



Today’s Haiku prompt: Now/Today. Join it here.

Away from his vileness

In a pious world today

Her soul is now freed

* Pic is from the net


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  1. Welcome at Carpe Diem I am glad that you have found the way to my weblog. Haiku is my passion and I love to share that passion with the world. That’s the reason why I started this weblog Carpe Diem.
    Your haiku is very strong in it’s imagery and you said so much with these few words. Thank you for sharing.
    PS It seems that I can’t change my name here so this comment is of Basho2012, that’s my name on WordPress, Carpe Diem is my weblog and my ‘nom de plume’ is Chevrefeuille. Don’t be confused.

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