Your Story: Front Yard!


Each week Sethsnap posts a pic and encourages readers to write a line, poem or a short story based on it. Here’s what the pic spoke to me this week:

Your storyThe Butlers!

Years ago when the Butlers moved here very little was known about their past. In order to introduce themselves, they threw a house-warming party and invited everyone from the neighborhood. Their sociable and suave personality earned them many admirers that night itself. And soon enough their extravagant parties became the talk of the town, people waiting with bated breath for their invitations. The Butlers were the epitome of love, marriage and perfection. Everyone wanted to befriend them. Little did the neighbors know about the bickering and murder attempts behind the closed doors. And it was the day after the Christmas party when they spotted an ambulance and police cars parked outside their home. Mrs. Butler was dead and Mr. Butler was escorted in a wheel chair. And even though he had lost his wife, his legs and few precious jewels that went missing, he was oddly happy.


Till date, nothing is known about the incident and Mr. Butler has refused to divulge the details. Some rumors that have come to light indicate they weren’t even married.


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  1. “And even though he had lost his wife, his legs and few precious jewels that went missing, he was oddly happy.” You must REALLY hate your wife with the type of ire that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns to be happy despite losing your legs.

    • It could be because the wife tried to get him killed but got killed instead. So he’d be happy to be alive! And like I said rumors were that they weren’t even married so there could be something else cooking. It was a case of mysterious couple who were perfect outside but behind four walls nobody knew what was going on!
      Thanks for dropping by.

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