Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal!


This week Cee’s Photo Challenge is to show off a few photographs of items made of metal which could include any of the following:

Metal/Autumn: Lightning, Magnetism, Electric, Rust, Gold, Silver, Steel, Iron, Platinum, Titanium, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Blood, Stars, Diamond, Energy.

Here are mine:

Those who’ve been to Dubai or are from Dubai know that the trip is incomplete without the visit to the Gold Souk. It’s like the mecca of gold jewelry. So last year when we were there for a day, we decided to see it with our own eyes. And although I prefer white gold over yellow but this eye-popping jewelry at these stores certainly catch your attention! :-)

1. Yes, that blouse in the center is all made of gold!

12. From the looks of it I really found it gaudy but the number of people in these stores told a different story!

23. Bling.. Bling!

34. This is the Swarovski window in San Francisco decorated for the holidays last year. Those shimmering crystals looked really pretty. This is the best shot I got because of all the reflection and lights on the glass.

45. This pic is from one of the Light House we visited last year.

66. And finally, the butterfly made of wrought iron.



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