Picture It & Write!


Every week Ermiliablog host a photograph suggested by contributors and urge people to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.

picture it & writeHere’s my story:

The Fear!

Soaking herself in the tub she couldn’t stop thinking about today’s conversation.


“You still don’t get it. Do you? I love you. I chose you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. God dammit!” He retorted.

“Ummm.. I.. “ Before she could even complete her sentence, he held her tightly and began kissing her.

“All I know is we can have a life together. A wonderful life just the way you always dreamt of.” He started whispering into her ears.

Distancing herself she adjusted the straps of her dress and started crying profusely.

“Don’t you love me?” He broke the abrupt silence, looking for affirmation.

Wiping her tears and composing herself, she started blabbering “You don’t understand. I’m married to a man who abhors infidelity and seeks pleasure in beating me. I can’t run away from him. He wouldn’t stop looking for us until he kills us both.”

“You have to trust me to keep you safe and wouldn’t let him harm you anymore. All I ask is for you to have faith in me. In us.” He tried to console her but in vain.

She started walking towards the car and heard him at the distance “I’ll wait for you tonight at the train station.”


Sitting here in the tub and staring outside the window she wanted to somehow magically disappear into his arms and feel safe again. She felt alive in his company. He proved to her that there can be love without infliction of pain. But as much as her heart wanted to run away, her head was telling her the only way to keep them both safe was to take his life tonight before leaving, freeing herself of the fear forever.

Suddenly she was shaken up from her thoughts when the door flung open.

“Honey, I’m home!’


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    • Whoops! Looks like I got you all Mixed up.. What I tried to show in the story was: She’s married to a lunatic but in love with another guy who insists on going far away with her. She realizes she’s never going to be safe and will live in fear because her husband will come after them. So she’s just thinking that maybe she should kill her husband to put an end to her misery and then run away with her lover. And while shes trying to make sense of it all, her lunatic husband comes home!
      With no names and all “he” & “his” words referring to both the guys it was bound to get confusing. Can’t blame you! :-)

    • Yea. The reason I left it open-ended is so everyone takes the story they want to take it forward. Because if I kill her which is obvious as she’s unprepared, it’ll be sad. If I kill him then it’s kind of predictable. If I bring her lover into the scene and get him killed instead of the husband then it’ll be a tragic love story!
      Oh! Well you get the drift! :-) Thanks for reading.

  1. ohmygod… no no no.. she’l prolly just be behind bars and now they’ll never be together >< it was a great read.. i love how this photo can inspire so many possibilities!

    • True that.. Kz that also could be one of the possibility. Your comments are always refreshing! :-) Thanks for reading and yes one pic stirs quite cocktail of thoughts for everyone.. :-)

  2. Wow, suprebly done. This picture has met its match, this pic has received its story! Very, very well done, my Muzer.
    Psst… i really hope she manages to get to the train station (don’t tell her husband, or I might be the 3rd person he might start looking for!) ;) :)

  3. What decision will she make??? Oh the suspense! A good note to end it on though, it allows our imagination to run wild. She’s in quite a pickle (for a lack of words). :P Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write this week.

    – Ermisenda

    • Hehe.. I like your choice of word (pickle) .. :-) I’m glad you like it’s open-ended! It’s always a delight to read your feedback, Ermisenda. Thanks for your wonderful pics each week that allows us to write.

    • Wow. Thanks so much. I was pretty conflicted in leaving it open ended but am glad I did. Some stories don’t unfold as one would want them to. This happens to be one of them. And I’m glad you think it was appropriate as is. Thanks for reading.

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