Friday Fictioneers!


Every week Rochelle posts a pic for Friday Fictioneers and encourages everyone to write a 100 word story based on it. The photo prompt for this week is:

friday fictioneersHere is my contribution:

Silver Lining!

(100 words)

Growing up with my mother wasn’t easy. My father abandoned us when I was 2 and she turned to alcohol for relief. Every time I cried for attention she threw the crayons at me.

“Go to your room and sketch or whatever you do with these sticks.” She’d scream. I’d spend hours scribbling on white sheets of paper indignantly. Her resentment cost me my entire childhood.

Retrospectively, I’m glad she introduced me to crayons as gradually they became an outlet for my bottled up emotions. So it’s only fair that I give her credit for making me a renowned artist.


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  1. Dear MuZer,
    A lot of layers in just 100 words. As an artist I could relate to a lot of this…fortunately, not the alcoholic single mom. Years ago in therapy I used crayons to draw my emotions on paper. I liked this story on many levels. A wonderfully unique take on the prompt.

    • Ah! Rochelle.. I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to read your comment. :-) So thrilled you found a connection with the story. I was unsure of posting this one because the only thing that I could build a story upon was crayons. Thanks for reading.

  2. I think one of the best things I did for daughter #2 was to let her draw so much while she listened in school. (We home schooled.) She’s a complete artist and quite good already. Have to claim my small part somehow!!


    • Ah! The accidental artist.. That is correct! Sometimes a repetitive action becomes a passion even before one realizes. In her case, it’s the crayons that did the trick. Thanks for reading.

    • Yes.. I firmly believe there is a correlation between pain & creativity. Be it writers, painters, musicians.. Pain does induce some spark! Thanks for reading.

    • That is true. And in her case, I think it doesn’t matter that she’s renowned .. Maybe she’d have wanted the quality time with her mother more than this fame! Or maybe she’s made peace with that fact by crediting her and moving on. Kind of closure for the dark past.
      Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

  3. I really enjoy the positive turn after endurance of such hardship. Many children are in this lifestyle and a few will make it out and not repeat the cycle.

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