Trifextra: Week Fifty-One!


This weekend’s Trifextra challenge states to pick one of the 3 photos they’ve posted and respond with 33 words. Here’s my choice:

trifextraPhoto credit: Bruno. C. / / CC BY

My Treasure!

My first ride was a broken bicycle, fixed by my father. Someone’s trash was my treasure.

Times changed. So did my ride. Lamborghini replaced it.

Yet it’s my past that keeps me rooted.


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    • Yes, she did manage. I think because she knew where she came from, that’s why the money never got into her head. Or maybe she was a level-headed person. Thanks for reading.

    • Yes, situations like these are rare. i think I’ve read a few real life “rags to riches” stories so maybe that’s what stuck with me when I saw this pic.
      Thanks for reading.

  1. Reminded me of some celebrity, remembering one’s past is a rare trait, when one becomes well off!
    By the way, if possible please read my short story Final destination

    • Oh! I’m sure they’ll be umpteen celebs. It’s indeed rare but then those who have it are the one who remain humble and never take anything for granted. They truly respect life, I guess. I’ll stop by and have a look at your post. Thanks for reading.

    • Yea. It sure does depend on circumstances and what about the past you need to keep with the present – maybe to know if it gives you strength or makes you more vulnerable. Thanks for reading.

    • I think with a past like that, it’ll be very difficult to take things for granted. You’d be humble for whatever you have or so I think and that’s how wrote like this. Thanks for dropping by and reading.

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