Friday Fictioneers!


Every week Rochelle posts a pic and encourages everyone to write a 100 word story based on it. The photo prompt for this week is:

copyright-renee-homan-heathPhoto Credit – Renee Homan Heath

Here’s my story:

Just Another Day!

I was sitting on the beach, brooding, when I first saw her, pirouetting on the sand impeccably. Brimming with mirth, her face exuded exceptional radiance. Watching her play with the waves somehow helped me in accepting this new phase.

My life ended abruptly because of an accident, landing me here. In heaven. And finally my soul has found its match which I never did when alive. I feel liberated and elated.

Now swinging on the moon, juggling the stars, dancing on the waves, flying in the air, throwing cloud balls at each other is like just another day. In paradise.


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  1. I can think of far more than a mere 100 words for this photo… have tucked it into my inspiration file for a scene in Fragments, but I’m no where near where I need that scene to be at this moment. It speaks to me of really needing to be right near the crux, the pivotal moment where the whole story hangs on the balance between the sane and insane…the healthy and sick… the bridge to heaven or hell. I just love bridges and what they can lead to or from, they are soo very inspirational. Thank you for posting this…

    • Ach, I fear I’ve commented on the wrong prompt post…sorry. I really did enjoy your take and perspective on this pic! :) In fact, it leaves me picturing loved ones on heaven’s shores…it is awesome to picture them so happy and carefree as opposed to fighting the pain they were suffering here. Again, thank you! O:)

    • Oh! Yes. The beach is in heaven… The story is he’s moping because of his accidental death when he sees her so ecstatic and thinks maybe death isn’t a bad thing at all.. He or his soul instead finds a connection with her as she’s one of those souls already in heaven.. So both of them together dance “on” the waves because they can do that or do all other things which being alive one can’t and finds it all nothing out of the ordinary. Hope this clears it.
      Just a silly fantasy of how heaven will be like! :-)

    • Yes I remember that song from Phil Collins.. Another day in paradise.. Of course nowhere close to this! :-) I meant to end the story at just another day but somehow felt incomplete without “in paradise” and that’s because of the song so yea somehow that was related.. Thanks for reading.

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