Picture It & Write!


Every week Ermiliablog host a photograph suggested by contributors and urge people to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.


Here’s my story:

The Dance!

“Come close.” His husky voice greeted me as I walked up to him. His touch sent a thousand volts current rushing through my body making me numb. Holding me close, he ran his finger down my bare back, stopping right in the middle. Sliding his warm hand inside my dress, he whispered into my ears “Let’s dance.”

My discontent would’ve been pretty obvious as he stood there with a smirk on his face. He was such a tease and he knew that. I succumbed. The spot light turned on with the snap of his finger blinding me completely. Holding my hand tightly, he drew me close to him. In my mind, I was muttering one left and two rights, turn around and slide. The spot light followed us as we moved. His impeccable dance style always stumped me. Barely fifteen minutes into the routine, I was gasping for air. He walked away into the darkness only to return with a bottle of water. Lifting my chin up, he started pouring water into my open mouth. Most of it made me wet instead of quenching my thirst. Racing his finger down from my lips to the chest, he flicked off a drop of trickling water and whispered, almost biting my ear off “Give me the best you have. Let’s begin from the start.”

He threw me up in the air and I let go of inhibition. In that moment, I danced. The dance I never did before. He twirled me and off I went. I felt exhilarated. By the time, the music stopped I was in his strong arms, parallel to the floor. Slowly putting me down, our lips touched and we kissed. Our first kiss. I knew then I wanted more. I wanted all of him.

I was relishing this moment when I heard a thud.


It’s the thud that woke me up. My heart was pounding and hands sweating. This was the third night in a row I dreamt about him. My dance instructor. I turned around only to find my husband snoring oblivious to my presence.

Just then my phone buzzed. “We need to talk.” His message ruffled up my mind with a downpour of thoughts.


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    • I really didn’t like the way I wrote this story at all and that’s why it took me forever to reply. Sorry about that.. But am glad you dropped by and commented.. So thanks, as always.. :-)

  1. Haha, “The spot light turned on with the snap of his finger” totally undid my bra. “Most of it made me wet…” What can I say after that? The last three words could be the caption for the picture.

    • You were way too kind to comment so enthusiastically for this story, Anne. Personally, I didn’t like it at all and when I read all the others I was like pretty embarrassed. That’s why never replied but I knew I wanted to.. You had done a great job on the right interpretation of the pic.. This didn’t come off well. But thanks for reading.. :-)

  2. So much to love. The flicking off of water from her chest. The water pouring. All so delightfully sexy. A great little tale! I wonder what they have to talk about! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, MuZer. :)

    – Ermisenda

    • Thanks, Ermisenda for your kind words. Glad you liked it. I thought it didn’t capture the essence of the pic. But thanks for stopping by and reading. :-)

  3. ooh lala i sense a love affair brewing …. i loved this “he started pouring water into my open mouth.” and i thought that’s one hell of a way to bring the best out of a dancer. haha poor hubby, great story

  4. mmm… I kinda got lost in the dance and am struggling with trying to get my thoughts in order. Nicely done. I like the way that the sentences get shorter to reflect the growing intensity of the character’s emotions.

    Thank you for coming to visit.

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