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dpchallengePhoto Credit: Cheri Lucas

The Wait!

Vivian was a free spirit. Full of spark and vivacity, it never was difficult for her to attract attention. Especially from men. With the sensuous curves in her body to the irresistible wit and humor, she possessed a striking concoction of looks and brains. Although a ballet teacher by choice, she had her hands in too many baskets. An artist par excellence, she owned an art gallery featuring some of the local talents. In her spare time, she contributed literary articles to the local library and gave guest lectures at her alma mater. However, it was her passion for green and safe environment that occupied most of her time, researching ways to minimalize damage to the planet.

The only shortcoming, if any, was that she treated men like toys, having issues trusting them. Her relationships never lasted more than 3 months, none of them reaching beyond the hand shake. Anyone who’d show even an iota of interest in her, she’d distance them completely by behaving acrimoniously. Maybe it was her mother because of whom she lost faith in men. In her early years, her father was mostly absent from their life because of work which took him all around the world. And when he did eventually settle down, he chose a separate family, abandoning them. This didn’t dampen her mother’s spirit and she opened up with someone again only to be fooled and heartbroken. After four failed marriages and alcohol addiction, she stopped looking for love to make her complete. And age only made her more cynical. The void left in her mother’s life significantly impacted hers. Her mother’s pain scarred Vivian for life and became the reason she abhorred men.

Until about a few months ago she would’ve vouched for her loathing but something was changing her heart now. Rather someone. Edward came into her life as a breath of fresh air, turning it upside down. In her company, she was just herself with no pretensions whatsoever. She was beginning to see that there are men who care and love with the same intensity like her or even more.

But before she succumbed to the heart’s desire she knew exactly what to do. She was sure in her head that it was only a matter of time before Edward left her so felt responsible to protect her heart from the agony. She met him at their favorite coffee shop and shocked him with her decision to end their relationship.

Edward tried to reason with her but in vain. He realized that instead of fighting for her to stay, letting her go to find her own happiness was the best thing he could do for her. As they walked outside on the cobblestone stairs, Edward hugged her one last time.

She walked straight towards the tram, never looking back. Edward knew he was ready to wait as long as it takes to change her mind. He was here to stay.



* Written for the Weekly Writing Challenge.

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  1. I love this. I love that this isn’t the typical love story and that she is not perfect. I love that you gave her flaws and explained them well. Very well written.

  2. That’s a great story brought to you by a picture/photo. It’s true what they say about words and pictures. And thanks for dropping by my blog. I have subscribed to yours.

    • It is indeed true, a picture is open for as many interpretations as many people see it.. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Your story was great too.

  3. Its always too late…and one often does not realise what or who they have. Refreshing to see a nice portrait of a male character!
    Thanks for the story – deep in philosophy..

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