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Every week Rochelle posts a pic and encourages everyone to write a 100 word story based on it. The photo prompt for this week is:

copyright-claire-fullerPhoto Credit: Claire Fuller


Emma’s love for him was more of an obsession in which he felt trapped. Every time he tried to leave, she cajoled him into staying.  Her overly possessive behavior strained their relationship further.

At last, he decided to confront her. She was in the basement giving the finishing touches to the sculpture she called the symbol of their love. He never admired it as art wasn’t his forte.

Soon things spiraled out of control and in a fit of rage; she hit him with the sculpture. He bled to death and she smiled thinking there’d never be any disagreements now.


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    • The way she saw it I think it was more an end to his cribbing and complaining all the time. It hadn’t sunk in yet that he was gone forever or maybe she’d keep the corpse in the freezer,, who knows.. Crazy obsession.. :-) Thanks for reading.

    • Yea, I read your story, Sandra and found them to be similar and still different in their own ways. I’m glad I’m not the only one who took the story to the dark end.. :-) Thanks for reading.

    • Hehe.. Rochelle.. Now I didn’t think of that.. True that,, art haters should be careful of not rubbing the artists the wrong way! :-) Thanks for reading.

    • You know being the obsessive kinds she is, she might just buy a huge freezer and dump the corpse there.. I definitely not want to really get into her dark, twisted mind so she is put to rest with this story itself. :-) Thanks for reading.

    • I really tried so many different stories for this pic but only this one had an ending, all others somehow got lost halfway through. Am glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and the wonderful photo this week. It’s quite a piece of art, that sculpture you’ve carved! :-)

  1. My husband’s probably relieved my artwork’s mostly 2D! Though you could probably do a fair bit of damage with a paintbrush, depending on what you dipped it in first! Great story. I would have liked a bit of dialogue. Ann

  2. I’m sure I shouldn’t have laughed at the end of this, but her smiling got the better of me. That’s one posessive woman you’ve created there. And maybe slightly delusional?

  3. Uh-oh – Emma was pretty obsessive, wasn’t she? Don’t cross a woman with big chunks of rock lying around! Seriously, now she is going to lose him, and probably her sculpture too (I don’t see her being allowed to take the murder weapon along to jail) – not a happy ending for anyone.

  4. Interesting how many people have been killed over this sculpture this weekend! Strikes me your girl’s a bit crazy. If I could offer one tiny concrit, I’d suggest you ditch the exclamation mark in the title. It makes it seem like you’re offering either comedy or hyperbole, and I don’t think the story is either.

  5. Oh yea.. Everyone killed to their heart’s content this weekend! :-) She’s pretty crazy and delusional.. I didn’t realize about the exclamation mark, just in a habit of putting it at the end of every title. Will correct it. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

  6. Wow, that is quite a tale of obsession and tragedy. The title is right and perhaps it deserves the exclamation point. :) Is the next step embalming his body and keeping it in the basement?

    • I know this one went way beyond obsession.. Pretty twisted! I’ll take your word on the exclamation mark and leave it there.. :-) Hehe embalming the body.. OMG.. I see everyone’s mind has been working overtime with what’s next to come.. I guess that could surely be her next step..:-) Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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