The Ligo Haibun Challenge: Melt!


Insatiable Desire!

(218 Words)

Lying on the bed, draped in satin sheet, I gaped at the ceiling and the ludicrous blue color. The hotel room needed a serious makeover and yet here we were every Wednesday. The warmth of his breath made me feel alive. Even in deep slumber, he looked so appealing. Normally, I’d fall asleep in his arms and go our separate ways in the morning but tonight sleep eluded me.

“Wake up.” I couldn’t resist and shook him up.


“What do I mean to you?”

“Ugh! Seriously. At this hour? Let’s talk in the morning.”

“I want to know now.”

“You’re the air I breathe. My oxygen. Every moment I spend without you, I die a little.”

“Then why can’t we be together? Marry me. I want to be yours forever.”

“You know, I love you. I really do. But I can’t divorce her. Please don’t ruin what we have. This was our pact when we started seeing each other.”

After a long pause, he continued.. “Now come, show me some love.”

I lay there staring at the flickering candle and the melting wax. A tear made its way to the ear from the corner of my eye.

Love faded. Hope died. One more night.

Melting by his touch

Succumbing to his strong hold

My heart sank again


* Written for the Haibun Challenge:

Haībun is Prosimetric writing. The haībun format here for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is as follows ~

A paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form of either

  • a descriptive passage , or excerpt from a story/or previously published post
  • an explanation
  • a tale
  • a travelogue
  • a news item
  • a recipe


  • the haiku to close

20 responses »

  1. That worked very well…and really got the mood across. Everything was summarised – the essence – in your haiku at the end, Powerful paragraph, with no real answer to the sad situation. It is always so easy what to sat if you are not the one within that kind of situation. The candle that flickers, melting wax and tear was masterfully done. Thanks!

    • Wow.. Thanks for such an awesome comment. Coming from you, I take it as a huge compliment. So humbling and encouraging. Appreciate your kindness.
      And yes, it’s easy to nullify other’s point of view just because you aren’t in their shoes and feeling the same way. But in this case he does bear the brunt, it’s just he doesn’t realize it yet.

  2. he’ll never leave his wife… i just know it. but her… i’ve a feeling she’ll keep melting in his touch… well done. i so love that she shook him awake in the middle of the night to ask that question

    • Yea.. I had that feeling too that he isn’t going to budge and she isn’t going to move away so she’s stuck either ways. I know I liked shaking him in the night bit too. Thanks, Kz.. Your comments always bring a smile to my face! :-)

  3. Haha, nothing to do with you… I was just listening to stand-up comedy about how at first the breath is so sweet and after a few years of marriage, it’s OMG! …and some stuff about eating road kill.

    So more to do with you… my heart melted at, “But I can’t divorce her…”

    has a wedding ring
    i know that means something but…
    um…. oh, never mind

    This chewed me up and spit me out emotionally, so great job, muZer!

    • Hehe.. Anne.. Now suddenly I don’t like that part where I mention about his breath. That’s hysterical. And thanks for the lovely comment, always encouraging.. :-)

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