Weekly Photo Challenge: Home!


As clichéd as it sounds, home is where the heart is. Indeed. But my heart is a conflicted organ.

While a major chunk of my heart is where my family and loved ones are. So, home means being with family, wherever they are – out in the wilderness or in the comforts of four walls.

A piece of my heart, a wanderer, is where my peace of mind is. So, home for my wandering heart means either soaring high in the sky amidst the dancing clouds or finding solace in the lap of the majestic mountains, far far away.



On the top of a hill

Under the blue sky with a dollop of clouds

Is where I reside

And that’s my home


* For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Home.


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  5. I understand what you say about your home being where you are, with family etc but I agree it can also be when you are most isolated that you feel a sense of belonging to your surroundings. – V

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  11. Hi MuZer,
    Well expressed in both word and photo. I am loving your photos :).
    I so understand the idea of have home on several levels, including spiritually.
    Peace to you.

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