Friday Fictioneers!


Every week Rochelle posts a pic and encourages everyone to write a 100 word story based on it. The photo prompt for this week is:

dsc04876Photo Copyright: David Stewart


(100 Words)

Antilia was a sore loser so winning was her addiction. Be it academics or sports, she outshone herself. The winning streak continued even when she started swimming, crushing her opponents in a heartbeat each time.

However, her recent poor performances at the state level sealed her fate. While everyone saw 15 glorious years, she was devastated by her defeat.

Last night, inebriated, she jumped off the diving board and the water turned red soon after. Her intention wasn’t to die but then she wasn’t living either.

Like I said, she was a sore loser. And winning was her only addiction.


PS: This is one of those photo prompts where my story has no clear link with the pic but this is all I could think of.. :-) For all other interpretations of this pic, please click here.


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  1. What a tragic tale that probably is all too common: people for whom winning is everything.
    Also, you said there’s not clear connection to the picture, but I think there’s a metaphorical one. She had it all and was running forward, but her need to win tripped her up, fatally.

    • Rightly said,, for some people losing isn’t an option they’d ever consider.. And they can only pray to never fall because when they do, they go into denial.. Oh yea,, metaphorically there sure is.. but i wanted to have some direct connection too.. :-) Thanks for sharing the pic with all of us.. It’s a lovely shot and now you can sit back and enjoy it being ripped apart into a myriad of stories! :-)

  2. How sad. It brings to mind all the stories about athletes who have gone to extreme measures to win (too many of those surfacing these days) and on other playing fields, the power- or glory-hungry who care for those things at the expense of others.


    • I know right.. Sports truly has taken on a new definition.. And winning has become more an obsession than a healthy competition! It’s tragic it has to go down like this.. Thanks for reading.

    • Honestly, I’m flying out tomorrow so I had already decided I won’t be joining the fun this week and then when I saw the pic, I was convinced of it because I found it to be a pretty tough prompt! But somehow the pic stayed in the head so I ended up writing..
      Thanks for reading.

  3. Sad story. Well told.
    The link to the prompt can be metaphorical, or you could say the person behind looks like they are diving or swimming, or you could say she is clinging to winning… :-)

  4. I feel that Antilia is like the statue which is grabbing the heel of the other…trying to hold on to something and yet clueless to why it is holding on to that….

    Great Story!! Cheers~ :D

  5. What a crappy thing to be addicted to…whatever happened to cigarettes and chocolate? It cost her life. Well done..I think it fits the prompt nicely as a metaphor.


  6. Very sad. I love “she outshone herself” and “crushing her opponents in a heartbeat” descriptions. It would get tiring constantly competing like that, and true that it’s not much of a life.

  7. when you said “15 glorious years at the state level,” does that mean in something like scholastic competition? if so, she must have started very young and perhaps continued into college. not impossible, just wondering.

  8. She certainly qualifies as one going off the deep end. Too bad she was changed by success into something that could not continue. i know what you mean about the prompt. I had a struggle and mine is certainly not directly linked.

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