The Weekend That Was!


There must be some truth in the fact that the place where you live is often times the most unexplored area or so I think. I’ve spent unlimited hours on the internet looking for “things to do” for all our past vacations. But in these last 8 years I’ve lived in Bay Area I never bothered to look for things to do here. Covering all the touristy spots made me feel I knew this place already. Until I was proven wrong and naïve this weekend when we landed in Mt. Diablo State Park, in close proximity to where we stay. Thanks to Super Moon and Google which directed me here for being the best nearby place to view the moon in all its grandiosity. I was in complete awe of the panoramic views of the Bay Area. So breathtakingly beautiful, especially the windmills. And even more captivating was the sunset in one direction while the moon rise in the other. Here are some pics of the tons and tons of pics we ended up taking. And needless to say that we are planning our next trip soon only this time it would be to camp in one of their campgrounds and view the sunset and gaze at the stars in the night. :-)












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  1. Great pics! It says you had a great weekend with the Supermoon especially!:-D
    If you haven’t, please check my latest post Resilience, I trust you will enjoy it, if so please leave your feedback there, thanks

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