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Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors!


There is nothing more appetizing than an ice cream to placate your sweet craving. I simple love ice creams and the reason I couldn’t skip today’s Daily Prompt.

 “Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?”

Although you can never go wrong with vanilla and chocolate ice creams but being more of a chocolate person I always end up with chocolate.

My absolute favorites are:

1. The Strawberry Passion from Cold Stone Creamery. It’s a red velvet cake with strawberry ice cream which melts in your mouth leaving you wanting for more. (Pic from the net)

strawberry passion2. Another one of their signature creations is a Chocolate Devotion ice cream made of Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge. And of course the waffle cone makes it taste even better.  (Pic from the net)

choc devotion

3. But it’s the Lemon & Triple Ginger Snaps from Trader Joe’s that never leaves my freezer. If you are in US and live in close proximity of Trader Joe’s then you should try it out! Scrumptiously delicious :-)

 ice cream

Daily Prompt: Time Capsule!



Today’s Daily Prompt inspired this post.

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?


We bought our first home last year in November. By the time we settled in and unpacked our bags we rang in the New Year, 2012. So this year I wanted to make it special with all our first celebrations in this home. Our birthdays, anniversary and all the other festivities and celebrations that came during the year. Those are the moments I’d like to capture in the 2012 time capsule.

Also, I’m doing something I don’t know if I’ll see it through the end but it sounded exciting at the time so started it. I am creating a time capsule box for my daughter which she’ll get at her 16th birthday. It will have something from all of her 15 birthdays. Considering the first year is all about baby’s “firsts’ it has pics of when she rolled, sat, crawled, walked, ate the solid food for the first time, her first time in the water. As a parent, it’s exciting to see the baby get past those milestones and I want to see them with her when she’s all grown up. I had gone crazy with decorations on her first birthday like any other mom so kept few of them aside including the birthday candle in that box. Needless to say, I kept some from the second as well. It also has a poem her grandfather and I wrote for her 1st birthday. I ended up writing another one on her second as well. The box also has few of my favorite pics of her special day and her birthday dresses of course. And only recently her art work has also started going inside the box. Not all but some of my favorite ones. She’s only 2.5 right now and I’m not sure if I’ll have the same excitement on her 10th birthday or later but I’m hoping to make it through 16 birthdays and relive all these moments once again when we open the box. Well, for now that’s the idea! :-)

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited!



I revisited my childhood today, thanks to the Daily Prompt.

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

For as far as I can jog my memory the one thing that sticks out from my childhood is the amount of time I spent playing outside. I think I’m glad I was born in the era when life wasn’t so technology driven and the simplest of pleasures were to be outside the home, exploring nature and playing with friends. I remember how my parents had this rule of finishing home-work before I could head out to play. And around the same time in the evening all kids used to come out to play. Run after each other and scream while parents went for their evening walks, used to give us the thrills. Life was so much simpler, I feel. Irrespective of our age and the school we studied in, we mingled around and just had fun. If I can recollect well, there was hardly any time ever for watching TV and it was rarely exciting. The highlight in those days used to be watching movies in open air auditoriums or theatres as compared to the comforts of sitting at home watching on projectors.

Fast forward to the present time, I somehow feel sad for the kids. Everywhere you go one sees these kids either glued to their cell phones or PS3. Their idea of fun is playing a game on one of those apps installed on their phone and winning it. Their idea of mingling around is chatting with friends over the phone or texting them. I often hear from parents how things have changed in all these years. How difficult it is getting for them to convince their kids to go outside the house for a walk or just run around and play. Life has become so much dependent on technology and the exposure they have through all these gadgets that it’s becoming so difficult to just get them to breathe and even eat the proper food. I can’t even envision how things will be in another 20 years from now. I do know that it’s because of this exposure that they are better informed and a smarter generation but then the cost at which this all is coming is what baffles me sometimes.

I guess everything has its own pros and cons.

* Pic from the net.

Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn!



Daily Post took me down the memory lane today.

“Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.”

When I was in school, I always stood out from the rest. Unfortunately for my parents, it had nothing to do with my grey cells, as much with my height. It disheartened me because I never liked getting any undue attention.

I was a prankster and notoriety was my middle name. And even though I used to be a back bencher I still was pretty noticeable, which only landed me in much trouble with my teachers. I changed school almost every two years, luckily not because of my mischievous behavior but because of father’s postings. And every time I hoped not to be the tallest girl in my class. It remained one of those many unfulfilled dreams in school. Sigh.

Fast forward to present time, I live a life of extreme contradiction where I am so comfortable with my height that I flaunt it with high heels. I couldn’t be gladder that it makes me look tall and stand out. Such is my affair with heels today that I can write a post about it.

I guess I got accustomed to being tall and made peace with it. I don’t remember much of that gradual transformation though. I think I caved because I realized that I could either accept it or grudge it but can’t leave it.

Now when I look back, I only laugh at myself for being so immature and silly. Reminisce and tell me about one anecdote from your past which makes you laugh so hard today?

* Pic is from the net.

Daily Prompt: Audience of One!


Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Daily Prompt has popped a question for me and although it was a tough decision to choose between Santa Claus and my 2.5 year old daughter, it’s the latter who won in a heartbeat. And I do know she cannot read any of this now but I hope someday she does and until then I’ll keep modifying it! :-)

My dearest Ladybug,

They say life is a journey and in this journey comes along people that change you and your life dramatically. Of course for good. For you I’d say, although you came along in my life but I’m proud I played a teeny role in creating you. You are the God’s gift that I’d always be thankful for. The day you were born everyone was ecstatic and welcomed you with open arms. Suddenly we had this over burst of energy and happiness that knew no bounds and holding you in my arms made me realize what it feels like to be a mother. In these past 2.5 years, we’ve both learnt and grown so much together.

It is so true when they say that you get a second chance on your childhood through your kid. I’m beginning to see a new world through your eyes and deriving pleasure from activities that I had long forgotten. You teach me every day what unconditional love truly means. You are at such a tender age and already turning out to be independent in making your choices. Like the other day when I was taking out the clothes for you to wear, you were so upset and ended up deciding what you’d want to wear. As years go by, I know I may not agree with you and your choices all the times, especially during your teens, but know this that I’d always have your best interest in mind.

Trust me when I say not everything is hunky-dory all the time. There are days when you are extremely difficult to handle and throw tantrums and our bond is tested but we sail through and come around as strong as ever. I can only hope and wish that as you grow up and I grow with you, the relationship blossoms into friendship than just a mother and daughter. Even if you experience an iota of pleasure in our relationship as I share with my mother, I’d be content that I raised you well.  I hope you get to feel the bliss of closeness and openness that can be there in a mother-daughter relationship.

Today while I was writing this post, I stumbled upon these beautiful lines which sum up my emotions for you so aptly. :-

“If the sun had a daughter and if he was to give his little girl away in marriage to a guy and send her off to a new family, he would know what darkness is!”

Such is my love for you and may you always know this in your heart that behind all the differences, fights, disagreements (big or small) we’ll have, there is a heart that beats for you the strongest.

Your strongest supporter ever,


Daily Prompt: Take It From Me!


If anything, I’m a Queen when it comes to giving advice but it sure does happen that I don’t quiet follow what I say at times. And Daily Prompt threw just the right question for me to write upon:

“What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?”


My best advice I’ve failed innumerable times: “Free yourself from expectations!”

“Practice what you preach” is such a cliched and overly abused adage but still the only one that holds more value than the rest. And while I’d love to be the one who leads by example, often times, I’m caught in the middle. I’m not sure why but I’ve always had people open up to me caviling about their life and the ups and downs of their numerous relationships. I’ve always lamented them for leading their lives so full of expectations, be it from their job, relationship or even life itself. The act of introspection arises when every time I am asked the question how do I live my life without expectations?

It’s easier said than done to not have expectations at all and base your whole life in just giving without expecting anything in return. The truth is it isn’t easy to do this and one has to be at peace with oneself at all times to experience it. And while I do consider it is the best advice anyone can give you to live a life free of inhibitions and intimidation, I haven’t perfected the art myself. Sometimes, you know the right thing to do which demands no expectation and still you expect in return. It is only human.

Life teaches us many lessons as we all try to explore ourselves while discovering our true purpose of being here. The thing is to be able to free oneself from the unwanted baggage that we carry along; we should be able to see the bigger picture. It isn’t what others do that should reflect our next actions instead it is what we do, irrespective of the others’ actions, define us. And the only way to do this is when you are able to give and not be worried about anything in return. You cannot base your actions with the question in mind “What’s in it for me?” Be it a relationship you share with your spouse, friends, family, peers or your professional life in general.

It is when you walk, talk, read, write, feel for yourself, and not how it would be perceived and whether you’d achieve what you are aiming for is when you liberate your soul and experience the ultimate happiness.

Lord Krishna in The Holy Geeta has said:-

“Karm karte jaa; phal ki chinta mat kar.”

(Do what you ought to do without thinking or expecting the results.)

And as good as it sounds on paper, it is indeed difficult to live your life fully without expectations and that’s where I fail myself at times. I’m still learning to be at peace only with myself first over and above anything else but at end of the day it appears I’m just a mere mortal after all.

*Pic is from the net.