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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable!


They say life is all about the company one keeps. While some bonds are enforced, others naturally evolve over time. With some you share all your joys and sorrows whilst others barely know you. It’s this extreme contrast that defines the longevity of any relationship.

But above all them, exists a bond so pure and full of unconditional love. A true companion for life – Parent and child.

Until you become a parent you don’t realize the huge responsibility that falls on your shoulders to raise another human being. And until a child grows up, doesn’t realize that no matter how old you get you can always count on your parents. A child blossoms under the parents’ guidance and parents pride in their child’s success. Life comes a full circle in the end.


And as much as I love my family and shine in their company, I also love being in the company of the ocean waves and the setting sun. Something so serene about it that it calms me down instantly. If this isn’t companionable then what is?



** For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable.