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For The Love Of Haiku 22!



Hop, skip, slide and swing

Be impish to heart’s content

Childhood Innocence


The world’s their playground

With no logic or convention

Child’s sanctuary


Laughter all around

In their loud, mighty empire

Youthful explosion


* Written for the Love of Haiku.

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited!



I revisited my childhood today, thanks to the Daily Prompt.

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

For as far as I can jog my memory the one thing that sticks out from my childhood is the amount of time I spent playing outside. I think I’m glad I was born in the era when life wasn’t so technology driven and the simplest of pleasures were to be outside the home, exploring nature and playing with friends. I remember how my parents had this rule of finishing home-work before I could head out to play. And around the same time in the evening all kids used to come out to play. Run after each other and scream while parents went for their evening walks, used to give us the thrills. Life was so much simpler, I feel. Irrespective of our age and the school we studied in, we mingled around and just had fun. If I can recollect well, there was hardly any time ever for watching TV and it was rarely exciting. The highlight in those days used to be watching movies in open air auditoriums or theatres as compared to the comforts of sitting at home watching on projectors.

Fast forward to the present time, I somehow feel sad for the kids. Everywhere you go one sees these kids either glued to their cell phones or PS3. Their idea of fun is playing a game on one of those apps installed on their phone and winning it. Their idea of mingling around is chatting with friends over the phone or texting them. I often hear from parents how things have changed in all these years. How difficult it is getting for them to convince their kids to go outside the house for a walk or just run around and play. Life has become so much dependent on technology and the exposure they have through all these gadgets that it’s becoming so difficult to just get them to breathe and even eat the proper food. I can’t even envision how things will be in another 20 years from now. I do know that it’s because of this exposure that they are better informed and a smarter generation but then the cost at which this all is coming is what baffles me sometimes.

I guess everything has its own pros and cons.

* Pic from the net.

Children’s Day!


I remember distinctly Children’s Day in school where you’d be offered sweets after the morning assembly and for the rest of the day you’d have no classes and simply enjoy and have fun. And it’s that one day of freedom we’d wait for always for the rest of the year.

Every child wants to be a grown up and every adult wants to be a kid again. And life comes a full circle with this phrase. I remember when I was in school, I found college so fascinating. The liberty of wearing what you want and bunking classes sounded so enticing and envious. And I did have my closest friendships in college and are dear to me even now but still a part of me missed the school where the bell used to ring every 30-45 minutes. Although there were too many restrictions but realized it soon enough that it’s because of those restrictions, school was more adventurous. It’s human nature to be attracted to things you are asked to refrain from. As compared to school, college turned out more about free will and freedom. There were no rules to break so the monotony set in.

I think as you grow older, one realizes how many things you got away with being a kid. How you’d shrug your shoulders when given a responsibility or how carefree you’d be about everything because you knew your parents would worry about the important things. Each one of us has a childlike innocence and curiosity with which we look at this world. The only difference is that as we age, we reason ourselves more and restrict ourselves in our thinking. We forget the skill of “thinking outside the box” and try to find logic when looking for answers. The truth is our success lies in our curiosity and innocence which we can only hope to retain into our adulthood.