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For The Love Of Haiku 22!



Hop, skip, slide and swing

Be impish to heart’s content

Childhood Innocence


The world’s their playground

With no logic or convention

Child’s sanctuary


Laughter all around

In their loud, mighty empire

Youthful explosion


* Written for the Love of Haiku.

Trifextra: Reading Challenge!



I choose these 33 words from one of my favorite books, Conversations with God (Book 1), by Neale Donald Walsch.

The point of life is not to get anywhere – it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already there. You are, always and forever, in the moment of pure creation.”




* Written for the Trifextra Challenge.


Picture It & Write!


Every week Ermiliablog host a photograph suggested by contributors and urge people to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. And every time I’ve written it so happened to turn into a fictional story. But for some reason this pic glared at me differently.

picture it & write

Maimed by our own inadequacies in life, we see the world through a chandelier. It is almost pertinent for our existence to be able to see the glitz and shimmer reflected back upon us. Just as an assurance that everything is the way it should be. Sheer perfection. Like a Picasso painting on a canvas, hanging on the wall. Often times, leads us to live in a make-belief world.

There is a lot of pain in the world. Just because we tend to look the other way, doesn’t mean its non-existence. The truth is sometimes we are so blinded by our pseudo living, we fail to see the stark reality. They say we are defined by our actions. By our choices. By our words. By our thoughts. And yet we speak with such callousness. We act full of animosity and malice. We behave unceremoniously. We commit heinous crimes.

And we judge. Yes, we judge without knowing.

I wrote these few lines from the point of view of a rape victim. The aftermath of a rape. The thoughts that run into a vulnerable mind when she hears stories of how she must have instigated it. How she is silenced to not speak about it to protect herself. It’s a women’s prerogative to walk freely just like a man and yet she can’t. It saddens me that already a rape victim has been through so much and still doesn’t end and comes along the mudslinging and fingers pointing towards her direction for being not civilized enough or not dressed properly or behaved inappropriately which led to her being raped. Such a morbid world.

I may have done no justice to her voice but I hope and pray that we see a new dawn soon when they’d be given the respect they deserve and not be defined by something that wasn’t their fault.


I was naked

Pleading for mercy

I was tamed

It was brutal

I lost myself

He regaled himself

But that doesn’t define me

Or confine my soul

I was untainted

And will always be

It wasn’t my fault

Still suffering is mine

What can I explain to the world

What’s taken from me

You don’t care much

I don’t tell to relive

I exist

Entangled in the web of lies

They say it’s the right thing

To hide my emotions

To mask my being

Prove to me

Yet again

There’s a world

That looks out for me

Ask me

My choice

All I want

Is to

Break free

Trifextra: Week Fifty-One!


This weekend’s Trifextra challenge states to pick one of the 3 photos they’ve posted and respond with 33 words. Here’s my choice:

trifextraPhoto credit: Bruno. C. / Foter.com / CC BY

My Treasure!

My first ride was a broken bicycle, fixed by my father. Someone’s trash was my treasure.

Times changed. So did my ride. Lamborghini replaced it.

Yet it’s my past that keeps me rooted.

Picture It & Write!


Every week Ermiliablog host a photograph suggested by contributors and urge people to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.

picture it & writeHere’s my story:

The Fear!

Soaking herself in the tub she couldn’t stop thinking about today’s conversation.


“You still don’t get it. Do you? I love you. I chose you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. God dammit!” He retorted.

“Ummm.. I.. “ Before she could even complete her sentence, he held her tightly and began kissing her.

“All I know is we can have a life together. A wonderful life just the way you always dreamt of.” He started whispering into her ears.

Distancing herself she adjusted the straps of her dress and started crying profusely.

“Don’t you love me?” He broke the abrupt silence, looking for affirmation.

Wiping her tears and composing herself, she started blabbering “You don’t understand. I’m married to a man who abhors infidelity and seeks pleasure in beating me. I can’t run away from him. He wouldn’t stop looking for us until he kills us both.”

“You have to trust me to keep you safe and wouldn’t let him harm you anymore. All I ask is for you to have faith in me. In us.” He tried to console her but in vain.

She started walking towards the car and heard him at the distance “I’ll wait for you tonight at the train station.”


Sitting here in the tub and staring outside the window she wanted to somehow magically disappear into his arms and feel safe again. She felt alive in his company. He proved to her that there can be love without infliction of pain. But as much as her heart wanted to run away, her head was telling her the only way to keep them both safe was to take his life tonight before leaving, freeing herself of the fear forever.

Suddenly she was shaken up from her thoughts when the door flung open.

“Honey, I’m home!’

Friday Fictioneers: Cellos!


Every week Rochelle posts a pic for Friday Fictioneers and encourages writing a 100 word story based on it. The photo prompt this week: Cellos

friday fictioneers

Here is my contribution:

The Choice!

(100 words)

Cellos were his life. His only passion. Determined to carve a niche for himself as a cellist, he kept waiting for the right opportunity. Even a year of unemployment didn’t dampen his spirit. But nobody can sustain a family on dreams alone. His ever supportive wife understood his yearning to be a successful cellist so she worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

It all changed when she met with an accident and the doctors demanded a lump sum amount for her surgery. He sold the cellos to save her. He realized it was time to take charge of things.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise!


Surprise is the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge and this is what surprised me today:-

For a day forecasted with 80% chance of showers, we got lucky with sunshine for most of it. A pleasant surprise indeed. And I always love it when the mighty sun has to put up a fight with the clouds to coexist, especially during the cold, rainy winters. Keep up the fight, Sun! :-)

And for what’s it worth:-

 Life itself is a lovely surprise

Full of memorable moments

With a few bumps here and there

If there’s any solace

It’s that in the end

It all works out

Go ahead

Live it






Life: Nonnet!


dark chocolates

Life is a box of dark chocolates

It’s a bittersweet concoction

Having tasted the bitter

Your tongue desires the sweet

Alas! You don’t get

The preference

Of choosing



* Learning to write a Nonnet.

* Pic is from the net.

Picture It & Write!



She always drew attention with her svelte body and collection of rare diamonds. Women envied her beauty and style whilst her vivacious and charismatic personality had men attracted to her like bees to honey.

Her first taste of real success was at the age of 18, when she won the Miss Universe title. It opened doors once unimaginable. The lure of glitter and glamor introduced her to the world she thought she belonged to. Success came easy and she was living a dream, signing endorsements and big budget movies at parallel. Her only mistake was the belief that it’ll last forever. As they say what goes up must come down. The basic law of gravity. Pretentious friends coupled with some wrong decisions led to her downfall at 30. It was the fastest they’d seen in the recent years. The girl, who lived in a mansion surrounded by friends, today struggled to even pay rent for a studio apartment with no visitors.

Substance abuse created an imaginary world full of pleasures she was seeking desperately in the real world. She felt abandoned and lay there curled up on the cold floor with tears flowing down her cheeks.


* This post is written for a picture posted by Ermiliablog for this week’s Picture It & Write.

The wind beneath my wings!


wind wings1

Twinkling eyes

Dreaming to make their connection

Parched lips

Wanting to quench their thirst

Fidgety fingers

Constantly hitting the keyboard

Jumpy feet

Waiting to fly high in the air

Roving mind

Aimlessly trying to find ecstasy

Riveting thoughts

Compelling to create magical fantasy

The ears pining to hear your voice

To redeem myself

For all I expect is

You take me to where we belong

You are the only song I sing

Strumming the guitar

You are the wind beneath my wings

And I’m your full bloomed flower

* Pic is from the net.