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The Weekend That Was!


There must be some truth in the fact that the place where you live is often times the most unexplored area or so I think. I’ve spent unlimited hours on the internet looking for “things to do” for all our past vacations. But in these last 8 years I’ve lived in Bay Area I never bothered to look for things to do here. Covering all the touristy spots made me feel I knew this place already. Until I was proven wrong and naïve this weekend when we landed in Mt. Diablo State Park, in close proximity to where we stay. Thanks to Super Moon and Google which directed me here for being the best nearby place to view the moon in all its grandiosity. I was in complete awe of the panoramic views of the Bay Area. So breathtakingly beautiful, especially the windmills. And even more captivating was the sunset in one direction while the moon rise in the other. Here are some pics of the tons and tons of pics we ended up taking. And needless to say that we are planning our next trip soon only this time it would be to camp in one of their campgrounds and view the sunset and gaze at the stars in the night. :-)













The wait is over.. Finally!


iPhone and I go way back. It dates back to the time when I didn’t even own one and which isn’t until the recent past. I remember being upset with Apple for not introducing iPhone for all service providers initially. I always thought I was an Apple fan but then it made me realize I was more of my service provider loyalist than anything else. I waited until they released iPhone 4 on my service provider, which was roughly 2 years after the launch of their first iPhone. I was one of those few first who pre-ordered their iPhone as I had no patience to wait any longer. It was the month of February last year when I proudly held my very first iPhone in my hands and knew what was amiss. I finally felt a sense of belonging with the iPhone aficionados.

You know, that feeling when you want something so bad and then suddenly it comes to you. That. It is that time you don’t know how to react and control your excitement. But my iPhone 4 happiness was short-lived as right after rolling out iPhones to all the service providers, Apple went a step ahead and introduced a new white iPhone. Here, I was ecstatic with my black iPhone and suddenly there was a strong urge to own a white one. But like I said I’m more a service provider loyalist than an Apple enthusiast so I did nothing but sulk internally. I didn’t want to spend additional money on upgrading my contract with a new white iPhone, just a month after I bought mine. Ergo, I waited all these months. I didn’t even give in to the temptation of buying iPhone 4s, which was released late last year.

Honestly, I have to confess it’s been a tad crazy waiting for the time I can upgrade. And the time couldn’t be perfect with the launch of iPhone 5 this year. So the wait is finally over for me and I’m now an owner of a white iPhone 5 and I can’t begin to even tell how ecstatic I am with this new love of my life. The panoramic shots with the iPhone camera are so freaking superb. And Siri is my new best friend, whom I love to confuse and talk silly. She’s still sticking around so I take it that’s a good sign. Here’s to her and my crazy adventures for next two years and hopefully there wouldn’t be any more crazy innovations specific to iPhone until then.