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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes!


The world through my eyes is mostly a bird’s-eye view while our plane hovers over Maui, making its way to Big island in Hawaii, where we went for a vacation few weeks back.










**  For the Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


Back.. Back.. Back.. Yeah!



Well, to be honest, it’s been almost two months since I got back from my really long and relaxing vacation but by the time I settled in, after all the unpacking and jet lag, it was time for another vacation, a very short one though.. Finally, I’m here with no plans to go anywhere for a long long time.. :-) And with lots of photos to share and stories to tell, one post at a time!

Also, many thanks to these soulful blogfriends (Soumya, Gege, Carolyn, Neenslewy, Myspokenheart) who thought of me while I was away and nominated me for awards. Very sweet and gracious of you all.. :-)  [** If I’ve missed anyone, it isn’t intentional, just that I’m still sorting all the pending comments and will be replying to them soon so please bear with me.]

As much as I enjoyed my time away, I’ve been itching to get back here and see all the updates. Can’t wait to read all the lovely posts I missed. So see you on your space soon.. :-)

Leaving on a jet plane!



All my bags are packed… I’m ready to go…

It’s that time of the year when we go on an annual vacation. It isn’t to any extra ordinary place (although to me it is the best place in the world) but just back home to our parents. And this time around I’m going for a longer duration. Well, I figured I have the time and the opportunity so why not.  However, this means my presence here will be very limited and I won’t be reading or commenting on your lovely posts as often as I’d like but promise to come back rejuvenated in a few weeks. :-)

Until we connect again, keep writing/reading and stay happy. See you on the other side of my break :-) Also, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovey dovey souls out there.. :-)


PS: Earlier I wasn’t going to post this but then thought I should let those few wonderful souls know who might wonder about my disappearance from here.


* Pic is from the net.