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For The Love Of Haiku 22!



Hop, skip, slide and swing

Be impish to heart’s content

Childhood Innocence


The world’s their playground

With no logic or convention

Child’s sanctuary


Laughter all around

In their loud, mighty empire

Youthful explosion


* Written for the Love of Haiku.

My Gossamer Dream: Haiku!



Your alluring eyes

Entangle me in their web

I succumb, willingly


Trampling my feelings

You leave, nonchalantly

I keep on waiting


Besotted by you

I wish for our unison

My gossamer dream



* Pics are from the net.

Reminiscing Childhood: Haiku!



Brimming with delight

Pure heart and innocent dreams

Childhood possessions


Bruised knees, pillow fights

The joy of chasing butterflies

Childhood memories


Those magical days

Carefree and pleasurable

I’m reminiscing


* Pic is from the net.

Carpe Diem Haiku: Tomorrow!


Cars, trees

Every day Chevrefeuillescarpediem gives a word prompt for Haiku. Today’s prompt is: Tomorrow. Read others/join it here.


Don’t lose your present

Waiting for tomorrow

Capture the moment

Carpe Diem Haiku!



Today’s Haiku prompt: Now/Today. Join it here.

Away from his vileness

In a pious world today

Her soul is now freed

* Pic is from the net

Your Story: Rain!


Every week Sethsnap posts a pic to write a story or poem or a caption on. Here’s my Haiku attempt on the pic!


Grey skies, barren trees

Add rain to the scenery

Nature’s artistry

For the love of Haiku 15!


haiku 15

This frosty weather

Create some magical moments

 ‘tis the season of love

* This post is written for the Haiku challenge posted by Allaboutlemon.

Love & Rains: Haiku!



Have a penchant for

Your alluring company

This rainy season


Our love knows no bounds

The joy of intimacy

This rainy season


Let’s celebrate love

The sheer bliss of our closeness

This rainy season


* Pic is from the net.